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We are living in industrialized cities where there’s no stop to the ever-growing population. The congestion that we experience is majorly because of it and the places that we have for living is barely enough for keeping us safe. In these circumstances, it seems almost impossible to think about storing your valuables, especially if they are in huge amounts.

However, not anymore.

The time when you had to rely on drab parking lots with drab grave and fencing is over.

The time when you had to conduct a garage sale just because you didn’t have enough space is over.

The time when you worried about the security of your storage unit is definitely over.



Because we are here to offer you one of the most reliable, spacious, and affordable storage units you can have in McHenry, Illinois. We don’t say that other businesses offering storage units are not their job. But looking at the commercialization of this industry, it is fitting to say that not everyone is able to comply with the norms of quality and affordability that the industry demands. After all, it is impeccably hard for a business to think about offering everything for a reasonable price. The foremost thing it has to think about is ROI. However not us. We want to make McHenry a place friendly enough for residents in terms of their storage needs. We want to make a difference.

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Pertaining to this approach, we offer the following services.

  • Self-storage – perfect for storing appliances, furniture, household things, and seasonal things.

  • Storage units – used for a variety of different things such as materials, small machinery, supplies, and tools.

  • Boat storage – you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping a boat anywhere in McHenry!

  • Car storage – let us take care of your family car just the way you’d take care of it.

  • RV storage – have your RV stored appropriately for the next season.

These are some of the services that we offer pertaining to the storage spaces we have. Please read on below to know what we offer pertaining to what you want to store.

  • Residential – appliances, furniture, household, seasonal.

  • Contractors – Materials, small machinery, supplies, tools.

  • Commercial – Files, merchandise, office equipment, records, supplies.

  • Personal – Automobiles, boats, recreation equipment, trailers.

  • Student – Automobiles, furniture, school supplies, summer storage.

As you can see, we have kept our options open and offer a variety of storage spaces for a variety of different needs.

Not only that, since we want to make sure you have a hassle-free experience, we have incorporated the following features into our business model.

  • Security: We do not compromise on the security of your storage items and this is why we provide surveillance 24/7 and storage units (from 5’x10’ to 10’x30’) that are spacious enough to contain your items.

  • Affordable rates: Like we said above, we value your experience more than the profits we receive. This is why we have a flexible month-to-month lease offering both short and long-term storage facilities.

  • Truck friendly: We also keep the fronts of our storage units wide open so that you can have ample room for turning your large vehicle.

  • Custom service: We keep our services as friendly as possible. Our 24/7 video surveillance and 24/7 access speak volumes of it.

So, this was all about what we do and how we do it. If you think you’d need storage units in McHenry, feel free to contact us or explore our site further to get a full understanding of who we are.

We also sell boxes, protective material, tape, and locks.

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